Writing the Agency Brief

Writing the agency brief

The purpose of the brief is to give the agencies as much information as possible in order to find a solution for your brand. How you brief determines what you get back from an agency. Before you write the brief you should gain full agreement with all those involved in the decision making process about what the requirements of the agency are. Invest time and effort in agreeing the budget and decide whether the client is acting as the orchestrator of a series of agency relationships, needs a 'lead' agency, or requires 'one-stop-shop'.

The brief should take into account the current life cycle of the brand and what objectives need to be achieved. To help agencies you should also include the reason that the business is up for review and what are the brand marketing and communication needs. In the brief you should be realistic about your budget as this will have an influence on your agency selection. Be clear about the nature of the services that you believe your brand requires (e.g. some or all of brand planning/ strategic thinking, communications planning, creative development, media planning and buying, digital, PR, events, etc.)

A good brief

  • Leads to better work.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Makes remuneration fairer.

Download a simple guide to writing a brief for an agency here.

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