The Pitch Types

The Chemistry Meeting

This is part of the long list process at the start of any pitch and we recommend you meet with as many agencies as you wish.

Many clients believe that the chemistry meeting with an agency can be as vital as the actual pitch as it often quickly answers important fundamental questions like:

  • Can we work together?
  • Is this the sort of agency we want?
  • Will they make money for our business?
  • Do they work well together as a team?

This meeting should be with key agency management and their proposed account team. For a really productive chemistry meeting you should tell the agency what you hope to achieve, what you want to see from the agency and if possible what went right and wrong with the incumbent agency.

The materials you should ask for at a chemistry meeting are

  • Case studies - This shows how an agency thinks, their approach to business and their learnings.
  • Previous creative work - If there is a particular campaign you would like to see from an agency, request it.

This may seem like an exhaustive process but it could be well worth the investment of a few days out of the office. Very often it challenges - or indeed confirms - a client's pre-conceptions about a certain agency. This can cut down on time wasted by having the wrong kind of agency on your long or short list.

We strongly advise that you do not settle on your final pitch short-list until you have had brief, business-like chemistry meetings with your long-list of agencies.


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