Managing The Pitch

Using a Media Auditor

For significant media pitches, some clients use a media auditor to accurately analyse and compare the intricacies of agency discount proposals. It is recommended that an established and well-resourced auditor is chosen to fulfil this task. The auditor should have access to a panel or pool of advertisers, so that they can gauge the current deliverable market rates. They should also subscribe to all available industry research in order to verify audience delivery claims.

IAPI and the AAI have jointly accredited a number of pitch consultants who follow the guidelines to finding the right agency. A full list of accredited consultants is available here and AAI (aai.ie) websites. It is important to introduce a pitch consultant as early as possible into the process if this is the route you choose.

A mutual non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement (NDA) ought to be signed before undertaking any meetings. It is of benefit to both parties to enter into such an agreement, which should cover information and materials supplied by you for the pitch and those produced by the agency in response. IAPI have model NDA templates for agency and client use available in The Pitch Pack section of this website..

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