The Pitch Types

The Strategic & Creative Pitch

3-4 agencies short-liste

If a strategic & creative pitch is required we recommend that

  • A minimum of 6 weeks is given, not from the date the brief is given but from the final Q&A session. This is to allow each agency sufficient time to review all the brand’s properties and respective performance (where possible).

    Clients should consider very seriously the type of pitch deliverables they require from each agency.
  • The maximum number of agencies that should be invited to participate in the Strategic & Creative Pitch is four.

This demands the most complete response to the brief. In less than six weeks the agencies will undertake to understand the market, identify the target group, plan a media strategy, generate ideas and produce a final creative presentation for the pitch. Increasingly, clients are questioning the logic of 'the beauty parade' approach where highly detailed creative and media solutions are presented at this stage in the process. A full Strategic & Creative pitch can be recommended in cases where a brand is absolutely confident of its position in the marketplace but wishes to explore new creative executions.

In this case, your collective focus should be on the quality of the creative idea. This should be demonstrated through no more than three to five executions that show how the idea can work across various media: TV, Online, Radio, Print.

Current best practice suggests that presenting a long list of deliverables is unnecessary and potentially distracting. Great ideas that drive growth for your brand should jump off one page.

It is also important to note that what is presented at this type of pitch is rarely the end product that will run in media. It will usually be substantially refined and changed after research testing with consumer groups

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