The Pitch Types

Strategic Pitch - The Recommended Choice

3 - 6 agencies short-listed
4 week process

If a strategic view is required, we recommend that

  • A minimum of 4 weeks is given not from date the brief is given but from the final Q&A session. It is only once all questions are answered and any issues clarified that an agency can really commence the work.
  • The maximum number of agencies that should be invited to participate in the Strategic Pitch is six.

The Strategic Pitch usually concentrates on uncovering the strategic answer to the specific brief and stops short of producing creative work.

Because the Strategic Pitch involves no speculative creative work, it allows the client to focus on the agency's strategic thinking and their ability to create solutions that solve the business issues at hand.

The benefits to clients of assessing an agency based on its strategic ideas are as follows:

  • Ideal approach if the client company faces a genuine dilemma as to the brand's position in the marketplace.
  • Focuses the agency talent and capabilities on solving the key business issues not on the detail of rough creative work.
  • It centres the key discussions on the strategic issues whilst also giving clients an opportunity to see how the agency team dynamic works.
  • This process chooses the best agency for the future of your brand rather than the creative content for your next campaign.
  • Creativity is judged on successful previous agency work.
  • Less costly for all involved.

By their very nature agencies are competitive and like to go the extra mile to win business. By agreeing with the client to focus on the strategic issues, participating agencies enable the client to clearly see the quality of their insight and thinking without getting bogged down in the detail of rough creative or outline media schedules.

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